"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

Upcoming Adventures

Winter Respite 2024

We will be traveling just 2 hours southwest of Portland to Great Wolf Lodge New England in Fitchburg, MA. Join other homeschoolers & unschoolers for a break from the cold and some community building! The indoor water park is warm and inviting. There are thrilling big slides and mellow lil' slides, a fun wave pool for everyone and an indoor/outdoor hot tub for Adults (and kiddos with adult supervision), PLUS so much more!

Victorian Nutcracker Annual Holiday Tradition

Join us for Maine Homeschool Field Trips' Annual Holiday Tradition! We will be attending the full-length community showing of the Victorian Nutcracker! 

Portland Ballet’s A Victorian Nutcracker returns to the stage this holiday season with newly designed backdrops and set pieces inspired by Portland’s Victoria Mansion.

Homeschool Resources

Welcome to Homeschooling

Let's explore what to do now that you have decided to homeschool. Included here is information about required paperwork, year-end assessments, and what goes into a portfolio review.

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Coming soon: Curriculum Resources

Let's explore what's out there for curriculum resources and what fellow homeschoolers recommend!

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Homeschool Portfolio Reviews

Share your homeschooling adventure with me during an online video meeting on Zoom. Using either a classic physical portfolio and or an oral narrative, this process will fulfill the state-required annual assessment. Be sure to bring your questions about educational resources and learning styles!

Midyear Check-In

Share your homeschooling adventure with me during an online video meeting on Zoom. Together we will review the student's academic progress and celebrations for the midyear. This optional check-in can help refocus your plan to meet your goals for the 2nd half of the school year.

Group Portfolio Reviews

Share your homeschooling adventure during an online group video meeting on Zoom. I will facilitate a group review of student's academic progress. Draw on the wisdom and experience of fellow homeschoolers during this relaxed group meeting. This will fulfill the state requirement for a year-end portfolio review.

Past Adventures

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Who am I?

I’m Dawn Nguyen, a certified teacher and unschooling parent. I enjoy supporting families in their homeschooling journeys whether that is unschooling, structured aligned curriculum, or somewhere in between. I find special joy in helping individuals decode learning styles and adapt materials accordingly.

If you have any questions that I have not answered above, please contact me here. I'm happy to help!

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