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Share your homeschooling adventure during an online group video meeting on Zoom. I will facilitate a group review of student's academic progress. Feel free to bring either work samples and/ OR oral narratives of student's academic school year. Draw on the wisdom and experience of fellow homeschoolers during this relaxed group meeting. This will fulfill the state requirement for a year-end portfolio review. Be sure to bring your questions about educational resources and learning styles!

Meeting Space:

We will be meeting online using the video meeting software Zoom. A computer, tablet, or smartphone (with the internet, a microphone & a camera) will be needed to complete the portfolio view.

Maine Homeschool Statue:

The Maine homeschool statute requires "175 days annually of instruction and will provide instruction in the following subject areas: English and language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, health education, library skills, fine arts and, in at least one grade from grade 6 to 12, Maine studies. At one grade level from grade 7 to 12, the student will demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers." ​ -State of Maine

What to bring:

Since the state of Maine does not have a specific requirement for the content of the student portfolio, it is up to you what to include in your portfolio. You may bring as much or as little as you want to bring to the review. Some people keep meticulous records of daily activities and will bring multiple notebooks with samples of work. Some unschoolers have no records at all, but bring an oral narrative of their year. Still unsure of what to bring? Here's a great resource for unschoolers. If the parent or the student has specific questions or concerns, it helps to have them written down so that we are sure to address them. My only requirement is that the child and the parent are present and open to dialog.

*Portfolio reviews are not required until age 6, as of the 2019-2020 school year. Since there is pressure from the state to require more information from homeschoolers, many teachers will not provide an official letter to the state until the state-required age.

Payment and Reschedule:

Payment is due at the time of scheduling to hold your spot. Prior to your appointment with 48 hours notice, you may reschedule your appointment if necessary.

All donations go to help families who would otherwise be unable to participate in a Maine Homeschool Field Trips' educational event.