How to Order


  1. Independently shop online and fill your Cart
  2. Finalize your purchases by clicking Approve Cart prior to the order deadline
  3. I will prepay for your order. You will not receive an invoice until Frontier ships the order. They do not give me a final invoice until our items are picked and shipped.
  4. Pay your final invoice via Paypal or contact me to pay cash/check (at Hollis pickup only).


  1. When the order is delivered to me, I will separate each family’s order from the delivery.
  2. Pick up your order in Portland, Gorham, or Hollis, on the designated day. Locations and times are emailed with your invoice.

SPLITS are open!

  • Check the Split link for open splits with other members or open a new one to share. I will be using dishwasher sanitized jars (free with jar exchange) or plastic zipper bags (50 cents/bag).


  • There’s no commitment and no minimum to order. ❤
  • Review your invoice. Be sure to check the QTY Shipped column. If it shows 0 shipped (out of stock), price AND tax should be zero as well.
  • Our club runs on a small fee (5%) over the wholesale pricing to cover the costs of running the buying co-op, which will be included (along with tax) in your invoiced total.

If you do not have a group login, pm me and I will set you upĀ ❤