Event Schedule


1:00PM early arrival | water parks & ropes course available now!

2:00PM meet & greet PIZZA Party! | Sycamore Junior Ballroom

4:00PM check-in!

8:00PM water park closes

9:00PM ropes course closes

10:00PM Sycamore Junior Ballroom closes


9:00AM Sycamore Junior Ballroom & ropes course open

10:00AM water park opens

7:00PM-9:00PM 11 & under dance | Sycamore Junior Ballroom

8:00PM water park closes

9:00PM Sycamore Junior Ballroom & ropes course close

9:30PM-11:30PM 12+ dance | Sycamore Junior Ballroom

11:30PM Sycamore Junior Ballroom closes


9:00AM Sycamore Junior Ballroom & ropes course open

10:00AM water park opens

3:00PM GROUP PHOTO! | meet @ GWL dumping water bucket

8:00PM water park closes

9:00PM ropes course closes

10:00PM Sycamore Junior Ballroom closes


9:00AM Sycamore Junior Ballroom & ropes course open

10:00AM water park opens

3:00PM DOOR PRIZE DRAWING! must be present to win 

4:00PM EVENT ACTIVITIES END | Sycamore Junior Ballroom closes

8:00PM water park closes

9:00PM ropes course closes

Banquet Hall Guidelines

cuz' nobody likes rules!


  • Each participant will receive a silicone bracelet identifying them as a member of Maine Homeschool Field Trips. This bracelet is required to enter the Banquet Hall.
  • Please do not leave personal items on the tables and chairs. This is a group space and must be open for use for all of our 250 people.
  • Though the room is rented to us, there is no guarantee of security for items left in the room.


  • Children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • Parents are solely responsible for any damages to property or injury to others caused by their family.
  • Your children are your responsibility at all times. There is no provided child supervision in the banquet space.

That being said, we are a community and many hands make for light work. Please feel free to share the load and take turns giving a parent some time off.


Feel free to "sock skate" and otherwise enjoy the dance floor in a safe manner. Please no shoes or equipment that may damage or scrape the floor.


We all have differing opinions on what is acceptable. Please be mindful to use family-friendly, G-rated language, and topics of conversation while in our shared space.


  • Games may be borrowed by anyone 12+ by writing your name and the title of the game on the Lending List.
  • Please be sure to return all pieces and parts and check off that you have returned the full game.
  • Games must remain inside the Sycamore Junior Ballroom.

Please be sure to treat these games with care as they will be the DOOR PRIZES on Wednesday!


  • Guest Arrival | SUN 1PM (4PM Check-In)
  • Junior Ballroom open | SUN 1PM-10:00PM, MON & TUE 9am-11:30PM, WED 9AM-4PM
  • Waterpark open | SUN 1PM-8PM, MON-WED 10AM-8PM
  • Ropes course open | SUN 1PM-9PM, MON-WED 9AM-9PM
  • Check-Out | 11AM (2PM Late Check-out available $49.99/room)


  • only food purchased on-site at Great Wolf Lodge is permitted in the waterpark AND banquet facilities*
  • GWL facility is PEANUT-FREE in public spaces and banquet facilities.
  • Bring your own food and have it in your room or in the lobby (no peanuts in lobby).
  • please bus your own tables- trash receptacles are provided

*no outside food unless you have a severe medical condition noted on your registration and have received an exemption card.


The Quiet Crash Corner is for sensory play and not roughhousing. Please leave all items found in this area here.